The importance of a Good Translation

In this day and age of global communications, translation has become a vital tool in every field. An accurate and natural translation is key in preserving every aspect of effective communication, whether it is a company website, subtitles of a film, official documents, press conferences, scientific reports or commercial voice-overs.

That is why it is crucial to rely on the work of a professional translator, since being able to speak a language differs radically from being a qualified translator. Professional translators are trained to seek excellence in terms of spelling, grammar and style. We are prepared to consider the register and terminology of the original text, as well as its intention so as to render its message accurately. We also pay special attention to context, which allows us to rule out any conceptual and cultural errors.

A company may risk losing customers as a result of an inaccurate translation. A loose translation can ruin an audience’s artistic experience. Even Google’s algorithm takes into account the wording of a text when it comes to positioning web sites on its engine. Therefore, a poor translation may undermine the planning and investment that went into positioning a brand. In the diplomatic world, an error during an interpretation may cause  international incidents.

Hence the need to give your work the attention it deserves by preserving its quality with a professional and natural translation.


My love for Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, the Brontë sisters, J. K. Rowling and sir Arthur Conan Doyle, among other English-speaking authors, inspired me to study English to be able to read my favorite works in their original language. As a young student, when it was time for me to decide on a career, there was no doubt in my mind. In 2005, I got my associate’s degree in Literary Translation for English in combination with Spanish at the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, where I also obtained my bachelor degrees in Conference Interpreting and Sworn Translation.  I am a certified member at the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

I have always loved cinema, TV shows and audiovisual arts in general, and that has led me to specialize in audiovisual translation, which is why I have always sought training with the area’s most renowned experts.

I have either translated or proofread over 4000 hours of subtitles for film festivals, TV stations and streaming services, etc. As a translator, proofreader and interpreter, I usually work with a wide range of topics. However, I tend to focus on entertainment, gastronomy, history, politics and human rights.

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