Translation and proofreading of audiovisual material, such as films, documentaries, TV shows, corporate videos, commercials, didactic videos, conferences, interviews, video games, focus groups. My extensive experience enables me to create subtitles with accurate and natural translations adjusted to human reading speeds, which ensures audiences don’t find the texts distracting. I work with professional subtitling software, which enables me to optimize delivery times and meet each client’s specific requirements.

  • Subtitles synchronization and burning. The material is delivered in the format required by the client.
  • Transcription and translation of conferences and scripts for cinema and TV.
  • Transcription and translation of audio and video recordings.
  • Translation and creation of subtitles for live performances.

Closed Captions

Subtitles for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. That includes, apart from dialogue, the description of sounds, music and all the relevant audio information. It is also used in loud environments, and whenever the material is broadcasted in silence or at low volume.


Transcription, translation and adjustment of the script to achieve adequate lip-synching or voice-over. Depending on the client’s requirements, the material is translated to Río de la Plata or neutral Spanish. The recording is done in a professional studio.

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