Simultaneous Interpretation

Oral translation carried out in real time, rendered at the same time as the speaker’s message is being delivered. The interpreter works from a booth, and the audience listens to the interpreters through a headset system. It is used in multilingual conferences, large or lengthy events and live digital or TV broadcasts.

Consecutive Interpretation

Oral translation. The speaker makes pauses in their speech to allow the interpreter to render the message in the target language. It is used in small and medium-sized conferences, conference calls, trials or, interviews, for example.


Simultaneous interpretation carried out in real time. The interpreter renders the message by whispering in the interested party’s ear. It is used in small meetings, luncheons, guided tours or phone calls where the few attendants do not share a common language. It is also used in weddings and other ceremonies, in case one of the interested parties does not speak the language. Sometimes, headsets may be used, but it is generally performed with the interpreter being next to the client.

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